Wednesday, September 22

SEPT 2010 - Shop closed till Oct!

Welcome! I specialise in vintage & retro jewellery & accessories. There is also a small selection of contemporary costume jewellery, charms, beads, findings and DIY supplies for crafters at affordable prices. This shop is based in Singapore. I ship worldwide.


NOTICE: SHOP WILL BE CLOSED FROM 2 SEPT - 8 OCT 2010. I am still checking my emails and accept pre-orders while overseas, thanks! All paid orders will be mailed out as soon as I return =)

21 Sept:
Sorry for the lack of updates, I won't be listing any jewellery for this trip due to a busy schedule but I did purchase quite a bunch, especially a bag full of 1950s rhinestone earrings still on cards~ will be listing them when in Oct, stay tuned! The swap meet that I frequent is closed for an entire month so that is a bummer, meanwhile there are other areas to check out, hopefully they have vintage jewellery sellers with a good selection and price.

Redondo Beach, California

LA County Fair, Pomona, California. No I didn't get on any rides.

4 Aug: There is a new feedback page, it is also on the right navigation menu. Please feel free to leave a comment when you have received your purchases!

Just uploaded a bunch of clearance D-I-Y findings lots. These are going for way below what was paid for originally (some still in packaging with price tags), so there will be no further discounts. Purchase a few lots to save on postage!

Wholesale & closeout lots:

2 Aug:
Several repaired necklaces & bracelets listed. Check out the exquisite 1940s Czechoslovakia glass repaired pieces!

Vintage & Retro Necklaces 11

Vintage & Retro Bracelets 4:

31 July: 4 necklaces uploaded in...

Contemporary Necklaces 3:

28 July: A few rings & bracelets added:


Vintage & Retro Bracelets 4:

Contemporary Bracelets 2:

27 July: Listed a few charms; there are additions in all the charm categories. Here are 2 highlights:

24 July: Here it is! Crafting lots:

Closeouts & wholesale lots:

23 July: Am still sorting through my accumulated stash of beads & charms & miscellaneous junk that I don't have time to use/ list individually, I plan to list a few lots or just one large lot of craft findings or accessories, they will be added shortly. Anyhow I have shrunk the contemporary earrings section to a single page as to focus on vintage & retro, most of the earrings are now in the Bargain Bin page 3.

Oh! And since I'm to heading to the US again in late Aug-Sept, if you are looking for any particular style of vintage jewellery, let me know and I'll keep an eye out at the flea markets/ estate sales there =)

21 July: Added several earring clearance lots, going for $4-5 a pack each. Also I am offering a new rental service catered for events that might do with a vintage touch, check out the new section by clicking on the menu on the right or the banner on top!

Closeouts & wholesale lots:

16 July: Added a few necklaces and 2 bracelets! My next upload will be some DIY charms.

Vintage & Retro Necklaces 11

Sale items under my Clearance sections (3 pages!), prices slashed 35-65% off!

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