♥ History:
Based in Singapore, in operation since 2007, Lemon Kitscharms started as a small blogshop selling kitschy vintage supplies, and handmade jewellery. The shop has since moved on to vintage jewellery and other miscellaneous deals, mostly vintage. Ships worldwide!

Our new shop interface is at http://lemonkitscharms.com

E-mail: chibilemon (at) gmail.com
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LemonKitscharms
Twitter @LemonKitscharms
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/lemonkitscharms

♥ How do I purchase items?
This blog is under revamp but most of the items are available to purchase. E-mail me or leave a comment if you need a direct link to the listing at the main store. There you can add it to your cart and check-out with instructions. Guest checkout is allowed, but signing up for an account is recommended so you can receive a return customer discount if you qualify for it.

♥ How do I receive a return customer discount?
Spend $15 on your first visit and on the 2nd visit, you will get 10% discount on normal retail prices. You will need to sign up for an account to receive it. Instructions are here: http://lemonkitscharms.com/shop/ordering-info

♥ Are the items listed real vintage?
Yes. Eras are listed. If they are not vintage, they are under the contemporary section.

♥ Where do you get your vintage items from?
USA. Some are consignment based.

♥ Please explain descriptions and era.
Antique - Before 1930s
Vintage - 1930s-1970s
Retro - 1980s (may include late 1970s)
Contemporary - 1990s to present (It will be listed without being dated)

♥ What does the condition specifically mean?
Average - This is a term used for below-fine condition. They are usually scratched, chipped, worn, tarnished or may be only useful for crafters to upcycle. I normally won't sell average condition jewellery unless it is signed, unique or a very old item.

- Item shows more obvious wear, tarnishing or rusting in some areas. Still wearable but aesthetics are usually compromised (lack of lustre, loss of plating on front, heavy scratches etc). Lower prices usually reflect an item in fine condition.

Good - Item shows wear or minor scratches consistent with pre-owned items, aging & dullness or patina (may be uneven) with years of storage for vintage accessories. When worn they still look good. May have light loss of plating, some tarnishing, dulling of rhinestones, or flaws that won't be seen from the front. All these are normal. Sometimes I would list an item as 'good' although it may be under 'very good' because of faux pearl wear which happens with almost all old faux pearls.

Very good - Item wholly intact with no broken parts or rhinestones missing. Gently used, light wear, minor scuffs or possessing a desired patina. Any flaws are negligent for when worn, the flaws are not obvious. These items will usually have aging though.

Excellent - Usually for unworn stock that came on cards or looked like it was never worn, or seldom worn.

Mint/ New - Usually handmade jewellery or new contemporary stock. Vintage jewellery on cards are almost never in mint condition from years of storage.

♥ Do you do meetups?
Sorry, not usually. Exceptions are items too bulky to ship, or if you'd like to pick it up direct at my void deck in Serangoon Central.

♥ How many people run this shop?
Just me (Vera). So the shop has to close when I am overseas, updates may be sporadic since I have other work. But I'm usually flexible in running the business and may accommodate your requests as long as they are within policy.

♥ Are the used items cleaned?
Yes, unless otherwise stated. I clean them with alcohol and they are ready to wear, however you may wish to clean them down as I may miss some spots. Wooden items are cleaned with a damp cloth only. Clothing are laundered gently unless otherwise stated. I do not clean wholesale or junk lots. Verdigris (green oxidation) will be removed but may not be totally gone due to time constraints.

♥ Do you repair jewellery?
I replace missing common rhinestones as closely matched as possible. I also do simple rebeading and gluing.

♥ Do you accept custom requests for handmade jewellery?
Yes, but it depends if I have the supplies, and if time + cost permits. I do sewn work too (fashion design major). Feel free to e-mail for enquiries.

♥ Do you have a ring size chart?
Ring Size Chart.