Wednesday, April 30


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4 May:
First, Happy Labour Day! Check out my grab bags at a bargain in the BEADS section! They are sorted according to colours. Also there are some uploads of settings, which are indispensable for cabs and cameos!

I've created some new sections to re-organise my inventory. New sections are 'RINGS' and 'PINS, BROOCHES & CLIPS'; some are vintage items at an affordable price! Some of them are also listed under the 'VINTAGE JEWELLERY' section. 'THE MAYBE USEFUL ITEMS' section will include things that might be good for altered art or other handicrafts! I'll leave it to your imagination.

Other than that, the other sections are partitioned to be more specific.

22 April:
I'm back from the US with goodies: Vintage & newer beads, charms, settings, and vintage & cute jewellery! Pls check back everyday for new items as I upload them on a daily basis.

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