Friday, March 14


Hi guys, greetings from California! I am currently taking requests for vintage items if you'd like anything. No obligations just let me know so I can take photos but serious enquiries only please =)! Please check out the Facebook album link for finds at the vintage malls, if you want any of those, please leave me a message or e-mail me for prices. More snapshots to come!

Payment is required for purchasing, and items may not be available since they may be sold out (and they usually do!), so please leave your orders as soon as possible so I can schedule a trip to the store. If they are not available your money will be refunded, or I can source alternatives for you via e-mail correspondence. Shipping by USPS for small lightweight items. Larger items will be subject to shipping fees but available to all US customers. Hand-carry option is available for Singapore residents but you will have to wait till May.

Nice vintage scoops coming soon for a quick sale, all is welcome! If you live in the US, shipping by USPS, Paypal is accepted. Please keep this blog bookmarked and e-mail me at if you have any questions.

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