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JUNE 2013

Welcome! If you like vintage or looking for something unique for your wardrobe, you have come to the right place. I specialise in vintage & retro jewellery, as well as quality handmade accessories created with a vintage flair. High quality jewellery at affordable prices. Almost all pieces are one piece only. There is also a section of vintage clothing and other collectibles. This shop is based in Singapore. I ship worldwide.


24 June: Some tac pins added, and other miscell items! These are the last of the jewellery I have on hand.

20 June: The last of my necklaces, they are on the same page as the ones below, it may take a while to load! I only have a few miscellaneous tac pins left and will be compiling a junk lot for spring cleaning. There will not be any more major updates at the moment, unless I plan to list the vintage dresses =)

So please shop now if you prefer this blogshop interface, because the new platform will have shopping carts and account set-ups on a separate server, not Blogger. My progress has been s-l-o-w... not even half done even when I've been at it since April lol.  I know you guys are awesome patient =) More details later, please subscribe to my newsletter if you like to receive updates. This may be useful if you are a return customer and are entitled to the 10% off. I have to do it on the backend after you have registered an account, so one of the newsletter will contain instructions on how to activate it.

19 June: A new page of various metal necklaces!

13 June: This is my last batch of earrings for the current collection, including some super 1980s earrings!

10 June: Earrings listed!

5 June: A whole bunch of figural brooches just listed and 4 Avon small rings.

4 June: Several bracelets added:

1 June: More beautiful and unique necklaces to wear and collect!

29 May: A few vintage demi sets, and lots of nice earrings listed!

24 May: Several rings and brooches listed!

20 May: A new page of pendant necklaces. 

20 May: Several collectible and high end unique necklaces, check them out!

15 May: Cool vintage kitchenware and 3 bags listed!

Shop is re-open!

I am migrating my data on a new platform so updates will take a bit! This shop will currently function as normal.

 3 April: Greeting from California, my apologies for not updating items as promised, I do have some nice finds (not many yet!) but not the proper lighting to photograph them so they are just snapshots from my phone to be listed in my Facebook albumsThere is a lot of sunshine going on here though! 

Most importantly Lemon Kitscharms will have a new interface, I am migrating from Blogger to a self hosted e-commerce platform with many customer-friendly features =) This will take (a lot of) time for me to make it go live, but please look forward in the near future for an easier shopping experience, I am aware scrolling endlessly just to get to the next page is a pain!

Sale items under my Clearance sections (4 pages!), prices slashed 35-65% off!

Also feel free to join my Facebook page here: LEMON KITSCHARMS FACEBOOK PAGEThanks =)

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