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JULY 2011

Welcome! I specialise in vintage & retro jewellery & kitsch accessories. There is also a small selection of contemporary costume jewellery, charms, beads, findings and DIY supplies for crafters at affordable prices. This shop is based in Singapore. I ship worldwide.


Sorry for any inconveniences caused.


Sequoia National Park, California

Hello everyone,
Sorry my shop is currently closed as I am overseas. My e-mail is still working so feel free to inquire. Please expect lots of vintage goodies in August, thanks!


9 June: Added a new page of Avon earrings! These are the last of my listings till I return with more goodies in August.

Vintage & Retro Earrings 24

8 June: Added 5 jewellery sets! Just an advance notice that I will be overseas so my shop will be closed from 1 July to 3 August 2011, please shop early & settle all payments before 29 June to avoid disappointment, thanks!

Vintage & Retro Demi Sets 2

1 June: Just listed some retro Avon necklaces and 4 others!

Vintage & Retro Necklaces 10

24 May: Avon bracelets in original boxes listed!

Vintage Bracelets & Bangles 4

Contemporary Bracelets & Bangles 2

23 May: Brooches & pins listed!

Brooches 7

Stick Pins

Pins 3

22 May: Sorry for the delays. I am starting to list about 80+ retro Avon products starting with rings! Bracelets, earrings, necklaces coming up soon.

Rings 6

2 May:
4 handmade bracelets listed!

Contemporary Bracelets 2

30 Apr:
I just brought in a series of bird illustrations - totally in love with them since owls are my favourite birds, besides flamingos (check out the flamingo cameo ring on the same page), penguins and vultures (now if only vulture cameos exist... I guess not, too ugly and smelly heh heh). 4 different owl styles and also just listed 3 handmade rings:

Handmade & Altered necklaces 3

Rings 5

28 Apr:
Handmade necklaces and 1 ring!

Rings 5

Handmade & Altered necklaces 3

18 Apr: Handmade necklaces and 2 rings!

Handmade & Altered necklaces 3

Rings 5

12 Apr: Added more handmade necklaces!

Handmade & Altered necklaces 2

9 Apr: Just added 2 new rings & a few handmade necklaces made with vintage components.

Rings 5

Handmade & Altered necklaces 2

8 Apr: Added a bunch of lovely bracelets!

Vintage & Retro Bracelets 4

Contemporary Bracelets 2

6 Apr:
2 new necklaces:

Handmade & Altered necklaces 2

3 Apr:
More handmade necklaces! And a few miscellaneous items.

Handmade & Altered necklaces 2

1 worry beads strand, 1 thimble & 2 pillboxes under Other items

Carnelian stones for wrapping under Gemstone Beads

Sale items under my Clearance sections (4 pages!), prices slashed 35-65% off!

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