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Welcome! I specialise in vintage & retro jewellery & accessories. There is also a small selection of contemporary costume jewellery, charms, beads, findings and DIY supplies for crafters at affordable prices. This shop is based in Singapore. I ship worldwide.

Early Christmas sale! A Keyword Hunt - all you have to do is browse around the earrings section, find any earrings (normal priced, excludes nett-items) that has the word 'enamel' or 'epoxy' in its title or description and you will receive a 20% off its price. Just copy-paste your order as per normal and I will double check & adjust while invoicing. Happy hunting! Offer ends 10 Dec. Please shop early, if you are getting this as a gift I recommend 2 weeks in advance registered mail to avoid unnecessary delays from Singpost due to the Christmas peak period.


9 Dec:
One more day for the promo stated above! Oh yes have fun with the new radio I added here: CHRISTMAS OLDIES RADIO. Opens in a new tab/ window so you can listen to ambience music while shopping =)

There is a new section I forgot to mention earlier, it will contain any vintage miscellaneous items.

Other items

5 Dec:
Some handmade rings using vintage components, I do have many beautiful vintage designs waiting to be assembled so there will be more rings coming up in about 2 weeks.

Rings 2

1 Dec:
December already and holiday season =) I redid the design of the sidebars and will be shifting inventory around so there may be disappearance of certain items in their usual slots, they are shifted to an earlier page or the new DEMI/PARURE SETS section or even better yet in the CLEARANCE bin so keep checking back!

If you are expecting to purchase anything for Christmas please please shop now, there may be delayed deliveries for the season. Thanks!

3o Nov:
Some brooches and a few pieces in a few categories! Don't forget to check out the Christmas section for seasonal vintage jewellery.

Brooches 6

Vintage & Retro Sets 2

1 Stick pin

1 bracelet in Vintage & Retro Bracelets 4

3 bangles in Contemporary Bracelets / Bangles 2

29 Nov:
I looked through my own collection and decided to part with goodies... They make good gifts for Christmas too so shop while they are still available!

Vintage & Retro Necklaces 10

Vintage & Retro Sets 1

27 Nov:
A few earrings listed:

Vintage & Retro Earrings 22

Vintage & Retro Earrings 20

22 Nov:
Another batch of vintage carded earrings, I will be listing the last batch in a few days.

Vintage & Retro Earrings 22

Handmade & Altered Necklaces 2

Contemporary Necklaces 2

20 Nov:
Listed more vintage carded earrings:

Vintage & Retro Earrings 21

17 Nov:
Vintage earrings still on card from 1955, more coming soon!

Vintage & Retro Earrings 21

16 Nov:
Brooches listed!

Brooches 6

Stick Pins:

13 Nov:
Earrings listed:

Vintage & Retro Earrings 20

11 Nov:
Uploaded some christmas/winter themed handmade earrings, and shifted several earrings into the Clearance Bin 3! I will be adding more clearance items soon.

Contemporary Earrings 1

10 Nov:
A few bracelets listed

Vintage & Retro Bracelets 4:

Handmade 2 charm bracelets:

1 Nov:
Did some reshufflng here and there, I've decided to consolidate Pretty Conversation's (my other neglected shop) inventory here, am retaking photos/reorganising my handmade items, so as soon as I'm done with that there will be some nice vintage necklaces coming up in a bit. I've also readjusted the prices lower to clear out some items so do check out the other Handmade & Altered pages under the Necklace category. For now there is a new series of porcelain lockets!

Handmade & Altered Necklaces 2

Sale items under my Clearance sections (4 pages!), prices slashed 35-65% off!

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