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Welcome! I specialise in vintage & retro jewellery & accessories. There is also a small selection of contemporary costume jewellery, charms, beads, findings and DIY supplies for crafters at affordable prices. This shop is based in Singapore. I ship worldwide.

Early Christmas sale! A Keyword Hunt - all you have to do is browse around the earrings section, find any earrings (normal priced, excludes nett-items) that has the word 'enamel' or 'epoxy' in its title or description and you will receive a 20% off its price. Just copy-paste your order as per normal and I will double check & adjust while invoicing. Happy hunting! Offer ends 10 Dec. Please shop early, if you are getting this as a gift I recommend 2 weeks in advance registered mail to avoid unnecessary delays from Singpost due to the Christmas peak period.


17 Nov:
Vintage earrings still on card from 1955, more coming soon!

Vintage & Retro Earrings 21

16 Nov:
Brooches listed!

Brooches 6

Stick Pins:

13 Nov:
Earrings listed:

Vintage & Retro Earrings 20

11 Nov:
Uploaded some christmas/winter themed handmade earrings, and shifted several earrings into the Clearance Bin 3! I will be adding more clearance items soon.

Contemporary Earrings 1

10 Nov:
A few bracelets listed

Vintage & Retro Bracelets 4:

Handmade 2 charm bracelets:

6 Nov:
Necklaces uploaded!

Vintage & Retro Necklaces 12

1 new one in Handmade 3:

1 Nov:
Did some reshufflng here and there, I've decided to consolidate Pretty Conversation's (my other neglected shop) inventory here, am retaking photos/reorganising my handmade items, so as soon as I'm done with that there will be some nice vintage necklaces coming up in a bit. I've also readjusted the prices lower to clear out some items so do check out the other Handmade & Altered pages under the Necklace category. For now there is a new series of porcelain lockets!

Handmade & Altered Necklaces 3

29 Oct:
I acquired some cool 1950s-60s Modernist enamel fused on copper earrings, buy 2 or more for a better price!

Vintage & Retro Earrings 20

28 Oct:
A new page of Vintage & Retro necklaces!

Vintage & Retro Necklaces 12:

19 Oct:
Uploaded a few miscellaneous items and a new page of brooches:

Brooches 6

Stick Pins

Men's Accessories:

Sale items under my Clearance sections (3 pages!), prices slashed 35-65% off!

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